Technical services: expert support for our products and customers

Our technical capabilities are driven by our relentless efforts to create a better world. We stay closely connected to our communities, partners and customers to ensure that our research and innovations are aligned as closely as possible with their needs and objectives. At our labs in Gent (Belgium), Spartanburg (USA) and Singapore and Sao Paulo (Brazil), researchers, engineers and technicians work together as one team to develop tailored support services that ensure the most effective and efficient use of our products. Our support services range from innovative solutions for polyolefin differentiation to comprehensive technical support for our colorants and PU additives. Our facilities also include microbiology labs to support our AlphaSan antimicrobial additives.

Plastic additives

We provide our customers with regional services spanning all applications, processes and new product formulations. This includes lab-scale formulation studies with compounding facilities to optimize additive performance. Product development is also supported by polymer and property analysis services, equipment for pilot trials and assistance with proof of concept projects.

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Colorants: a full spectrum of services

Our colorant products are tailored for a huge range of materials, formulations, processes and – naturally – color preferences. To optimize their performance for each individual customer, they are accompanied by an extensive array of services. These include color matching, stain testing, compatibility testing and thermal and UV stability testing.

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Polyurethane (PU) additives: global support and test capabilities

Supported by our fully-equipped PU laboratories around the world, we provide specialized services for all our polyurethane additive customers. For colorants, this includes fast and efficient color matching, support for color delivery systems and a wide range of analytical capabilities. We also have test capabilities and technical services to optimize PU performance against a range of criteria, including oxidation onset, discoloration, scorch, gas fading, UV stability, heat aging and VOC emissions. We cover the entire PU manufacturing process, from raw materials transportation and storage to foaming, foam conversion and end use.

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