Agriculture & Turf Treating Solutions™: advanced seed treatment technology

Treating Solutions are advanced seed treatment technologies designed to enhance the appearance and performance of your seed products. The extensive product range includes color, polymer and formulated colored polymer solutions. As well as making your products easier to identify, they offer considerable improvements for conditioning and treating processes. They allow you to offer high-quality products that strengthen your brand and help you become first choice for customers. Treating Solutions also reduce the hazardous dust associated with powdered dyes and pigments, helping to reduce risk to your employees and customers. 

Colorants for easier seed identification and application

Treating Solutions seed colorants are water-based color systems specially formulated to impart an artificial color to seed treated with active ingredients. They are designed to offer the best performance, efficiency and ease of application for most seed types, regardless of size, shape, or texture.

Polymers for better flow and dust control

Treating Solutions seed enhancement polymers are water-based systems designed to improve flow in conditioning facilities and control dust-off during and after the treating process. They also enrich the appearance of your seed. Treating Solutions polymers are adaptable to most makes of seed coating and treating equipment, including batch and continuous systems.

Colored polymers: a single package for efficient treatment

Treating Solutions colored polymers consist of a formulation of colorant and polymer. They improve flowability and plantability and reduce inert material dust-off during handling. The shine and appearance of treated seeds are also enhanced. These colored polymers offer a single treatment package for seeds, running one polymer and one colorant rate. They help to improve the efficiency of your processes by eliminating measuring and blending and reducing slurry space.

Environmentally conscious

These products are not harmful to the environment when used as intended. Treating Solutions formulations are EPA FIFRA 40 CFR compliant.


Milliken Treating Solutions advanced seed treatment technology

Milliken Treating Solutions advanced seed treatment technology

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