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Reactint®: colorants for polyurethane (PU)

Reactint colorants provide polyurethane (PU) foamers and converters with a convenient way to add vivid, appealing color to their products without affecting the physical properties of the material. These reactive polymeric colorants are supplied as liquids which do not settle over time and are easy to handle and clean.

Used in flexible, rigid and CASE polyurethane applications, Reactint colorants help you to deliver the wide color space and deep shades your customers need to differentiate their products. They also offer the advantages of easy processing, flexibility, simplicity and cost savings, while avoiding many manufacturing issues related to high viscosity pigment pastes and dyes.

Deep, bright colors with outstanding quality

From just a few Reactint primary colorants, you can produce polyurethane in virtually any shade. Reactint can be added at high dosage levels to achieve deeper, brighter shades or very dark colors while preserving the physical properties of the foam or resin system. Reactint colorants are specially designed to eliminate color-related foam defects through seamless compatibility within polyurethane systems, and as they are free of heavy metals, they will not promote scorch.

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Simple, cost-effective processing

Traditionally, polyurethane coloring techniques involved a large inventory of different color references and tanks. Processing was often inefficient, with long transitions between color changes adding to production costs and complexity. Reactint is a more economical and flexible solution consisting of five primary colorants that can be blended into almost every color imaginable. By offering high color strength with much less colorant, Reactint greatly reduces the inventory required. The high polyol solubility of the colorants means that color transitions are shorter. Waste is significantly reduced, as you can produce only what your customers need, when they need it.

How are Reactint colorants used?

Because of their pure liquid nature, Reactint colors can be blended in-line and on-the-fly while producing polyurethane foams and resins.

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How is Reactint different from other colorants?

Reactint colorants are not pigment pastes or dyes. They are a unique technology developed specifically for coloring polyurethane.

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Why color polyurethane?

Color is a powerful marketing tool. It draws attention to products, helps customers to identify a brand and communicates information about specific qualities and features. It is also an effective way to stay ahead of aesthetic trends and the growing demand for personalization. For many consumers, color is a primary factor in their purchasing decision…

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