Polyethylene Hyperform® HPN®: Performance Additives for polyethylene (PE)

The Hyperform HPN family of performance additives is designed to enhance processes and results for producers and converters of polyethylene. The range includes products for almost every PE process. It resolves many of the production issues that occur when using traditional nucleators, including shrinkage, warpage, and stiffness/impact balance.

By allowing you to improve and substitute materials, Hyperform HPN performance additives create exciting new possibilities and perspectives for your business. They can also improve the speed and efficiency of your operations, leading to reduced costs and better productivity.

Hyperform HPN for PE: boost productivity and part performance

Specific Hyperform HPN products have been developed for a range of polyethylene processes, including injection molding, blown film, blow molding and extrusion-compression molding (ECM). They lead to barrier improvement in flexible and rigid applications, shrinkage control with any color pigment, increased resistance to environmental stress cracking (ESCR) and a host of productivity improvements.

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How does Hyperform HPN work?

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