Polypropylene NX® UltraClear™ MaxImpact® brings improved impact resistance to clear PP in cold-temperature applications

Demand is strong for high-impact, cold-temperature-resistant plastics for various applications. Clear polypropylene (PP) packages that break during transport or use can lead to product returns, revenue loss and a damaged reputation for brands, but few solutions have been available to address this issue – until now.

Create clear polypropylene resin

Milliken’s NX® UltraClear™ MaxImpact® is a high-performance solution that yields a clear, more robust PP resin that delivers improved impact resistance in such conditions. Improving performance in clear polypropylene also allows brands to differentiate their packaging by switching from opaque materials to a transparent package.

Clear polypropylene for improved impact/stiffness balance

NX UltraClear MaxImpact provides the best available balance of impact, clarity and stiffness properties in cold temperatures, thereby improving package performance in existing applications or enabling the substitution of highly sustainable PP for other materials such as PET or polystyrene.

PP applications

This grade can be used to produce PP that is injection molded, thermoformed, blow molded or extruded. The additive may be blended like any other additive or color concentrate – either at the side of the machine or via tumble blending prior to processing. A typical use level for NX UltraClear MaxImpact 10238 is 5-15%, and no special processing changes are required, as it is thermally stable within standard PP processing conditions.

Milliken sees great potential for this additive in such applications as housewares, food storage, food packaging, sport bottles and household industrial chemical bottles, and has numerous case studies to support its use in such products.