Tailored for extrusion blow molding: Millad® NX® 8000E

Transparency in extrusion blow molding (EBM) is no longer limited to PVC or PET. Millad NX 8000E clarifying agent is specifically designed to deliver dramatically improved optical properties with standard polypropylene EBM resins. It eliminates the ‘milky’ appearance normally associated with PP in blow molding, so that polypropylene can be used as an economical, convenient and recyclable replacement for other materials. This clarifier helps to create clear, fresh-looking polypropylene bottles and packaging, with less haze, a lower yellowness index and superb gloss, inside and out.

Quality with any blow molding process

The optical properties of Millad NX 8000E resins are less dependent on processing. Therefore, standard mold surface finishes (e. g. glass blasted finish) and processing temperatures for PP can be used without compromising quality.

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