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Clarifying Agents Millad® NX® 8000 ECO: sustainable clarifying agent for polypropylene

Millad® NX® 8000 ECO is an additive that delivers crystal clear glass like clarity, while extending sustainability benefits in the production of clarified PP parts, by offering faster production rates and average energy savings of 10%. Brand owners using PP clarified with Millad NX 8000 ECO can display a UL Environmental Claim Validation label on their injection molded parts.

Making food safer
This ground-breaking clarifying agent also addresses migration concerns, making it suitable for food contact plastics.

Consistent look in modern lighting
In retail there is a continuing rapid shift to LED lighting, a trend that impacts how products look to customers. Millad® NX® 8000 ECO maintains a consistent, fresh appearance in all retail lighting, regardless of the presence of UV light from the light source.

Good for Recycling
Millad® NX® 8000 ECO is recognized by the US Association of Plastic Recyclers for its compatibility with plastic packaging recycling. Suitable for all conversion processes, it makes clarified polypropylene a viable alternative to glass or amorphous polymers like PC, PET, PVC and PS.

Clarified PP: leading the way to more sustainable plastic

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How does Millad NX 8000 ECO work?

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Save energy with Millad NX 8000 clarified PP

Save energy with Millad NX 8000 clarified PP

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