How does Liquitint® Agro work?

Liquitint Agro colorants allow you to customize loading levels for your specific needs and achieve effective coloration on fertilizer using only three primary colors. In addition to providing excellent coverage and coating properties for crystalline and granular surfaces, Liquitint Agro colorants make available bright and deep colors without negatively affecting fertilizer performance and properties.

Polymer coating

Liquitint Agro colorants are integrated into the polyurethane structure at the molecular level, allowing for ideal technical performance of the fertilizer coating. This provides uniform and stable polymer coating that is bright and non-migratory, resulting in maximum coverage and excellent brand identity.


Liquitint Agro colorants allow you to achieve the coloration you want with a single component. You can replace poor dye coverage and pigment insolubility with a single product for optimal performance in granular or water-soluble applications.

Expert technical support

From R&D to production, our experts are available to assist you in formulating with your fertilizers, upgrading existing products and creating brand extensions to support your business.

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