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Liquitint® Agro: advanced colorants for fertilizers

Liquitint Agro colorants enhance your fertilizer products with stronger brand identity, better application indication and increased functionality. These soluble colorants are suitable for many types and grades of fertilizers. They provide a broad spectrum of color options with low inventory requirements and easy blending, thus reducing waste and increasing saving potential for your operations.

Liquitint Agro colorants are designed for non-staining characteristics and are not formulated with heavy metals during manufacturing. They also eliminate the hazardous dust associated with powdered dyes and pigments, helping to reduce the risk to your employees and customers.

Enhance the quality of your products

Liquitint Agro colorants are designed and manufactured specifically for fertilizer formulations. They are stable and will contribute to your product quality and brand reputation. Their color consistency is precisely measured using sophisticated technologies to ensure perfect results in every batch.

Become first choice for customers

Milliken Liquitint Agro colorants make products more appealing and help consumers to identify different brands and types of fertilizer. Precision color matching ensures that your brand standards are met with unparalleled color consistency and superior results that your customers will notice. Liquitint Agro colorants also help to prevent under- and over-application of fertilizers by providing an application indicator. They offer machine operators a quick, easy way to check levels, application and performance of fertilizer blending and dosing equipment.

Environmentally conscious

Liquitint Agro colorants are not harmful to the environment when used as intended.

How does Liquitint Agro work?

Liquitint Agro colorants provide excellent coverage and coating properties for crystalline and granular surfaces and offer a convenient alternative to dyes and pigments.

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