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Liquitint®: customized polymeric colorants for home and laundry care

Liquitint polymeric colorants combine dynamic colors with excellent processability. They are widely used in products for home and laundry care, sanitation in the aviation industry, industrial and institutional cleaning, car washing, and fiberboard for the building and construction industry. Tailored for multiple applications, they are compatible with active ingredients, non-staining, water-soluble and can easily be washed out. They are not made with any heavy metals, are safe to use and are not harmful to the environment when used as intended.


A powerful color palette

Color is one of your most important sales tools. It grabs attention, helps customers to identify your brand, provides information about a product’s qualities and accentuates specific features. From a small inventory of base colors, Liquitint allows you to create an infinite spectrum of bright shades to help you differentiate your products. The range includes both basic colors and blends in various concentrations, as well as tailor-made solutions to meet specific needs.

Tailored for modern home and fabric care

Liquitint supports important trends in today's home and laundry care products, including demands for more color variations, concentrated formulations, higher quality and sustainability.

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Versatile and easy to use

Liquitint colorants are completely water-soluble, making them easy to use and dispense without pre-mixing powders. They result in a true solution with clear, stable colors that will not settle or block equipment.

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