Hyperform HPN 909ei: excellent balance of physical properties and a more transparent look

Dealing with migration

Another factor, which is vitally important in the European Union, is that this new formulation is tailored specifically to address concerns related to migration, especially in food-contact applications. Hyperform HPN 909ei not only has been developed from cleaner chemistry, but it also has one SML less than the product it is replacing. This means there is one less substance that must be monitored and tested for, reducing the compliance burden of customers. With this simplification, the reassurance of safety is even stronger.

Desirable aesthetics

This additive yields products with improved optical properties, including lower haze, reduced yellowing, and an overall cleaner look. By reducing the haze and the yellowness index, Hyperform HPN 909ei yields final parts that are cleaner, clearer and more transparent. This can further enhance sustainability by allowing end users to replace other resins in various applications with highly recyclable polypropylene.

Striking an important balance

With its excellent balance of physical properties, Hyperform HPN 909ei helps to resolve many of the production issues that occur when thermoformers use traditional nucleators, including shrinkage and warpage, while eliminating the typical tradeoffs in other key performance metrics. Traditional nucleating agents require customers to sacrifice impact to gain greater stiffness. Hyperform HPN 909ei, however, delivers improved stiffness (flexural modulus) while maintaining the impact performance. It also provides isotropic shrinkage (similar shrinkage in both directions, which reduces warpage), and a higher heat-deflection temperature (HDT), which offers the improved heat resistance that is vital for hot-fill and microwaveable applications.

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