Hyperform HPN 68Li offers a slate of additional benefits

Hyperform HPN 68Li offers molders the following slate of additional benefits:

Proven energy savings during the molding process, a fact certified by the independent testing agency UL.

Hyperform HPN 68Li helps injection molders to save energy and increase their productivity by reducing both cooling and cycle times during processing. These energy savings have been independently verified by UL, which enables brand owners to proudly display the UL label on the resulting injection molded containers or similar PP products. Converters report a 5-8 % reduction in cycle times when replacing resins nucleated with a conventional nucleating agent. Hyperform HPN 68Li provides the key to faster, easier and more finely tuned PP resin performance.

Improved isotropic shrinkage and warpage control, which contributes to better-quality end parts.

Reduced haze, yielding clear, aesthetically pleasing PP parts.

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