DeltaMax™: performance modifiers for polypropylene

DeltaMax performance modifiers provide polypropylene (PP) converters with significant improvements in their products and processes. These masterbatch products overcome challenges related to melt flow rate (MFR) and impact properties in many PP injection molded applications. They optimize the physical properties and processability of both virgin and recycled PP resins.

Boost quality and efficiency while promoting a circular economy

Many injection molded applications in the consumer, industrial, and automotive markets require high melt flow and impact properties. DeltaMax additives help converters to achieve the right balance, making it easier to design parts with higher impact resistance and thinner profiles. Thanks to DeltaMax, recycled polypropylene can achieve performance equivalent to or better than virgin PP. This makes recycled PP an increasingly viable option, promotes more sustainable manufacturing and contributes to the goal of a circular economy. DeltaMax modifiers can also deliver significant savings in production time and energy. They allow manufacturers to run machines with faster cycle times or lower temperatures, reduce the use of costly impact modifiers, and scale down their inventory of multiple ICP resins.

DeltaMax has proven success in enhancing profits, productivity and sustainability. See for yourself!

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DeltaMax technology allows converters to enhance the impact and melt flow of their ICP or recycled PP resins by adding a masterbatch at injection molding machine-side.

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The DeltaMax family includes various products to help you meet your specific manufacturing challenges and achieve the results you want.

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