Coatings, Paints & Inks Creative Colorants: polymeric colorants for children's art

Creative Colorants are specially developed for use in children’s finger and brush paints and washable markers. They are designed to give the best possible combination of skin and fabric washability without the need for surfactants or other additives. As well as being non-toxic, Creative Colorants offer easier manufacturing and a vibrant palette of high-quality color that helps brands to differentiate their products in the market. Two Creative Colorants product lines are available: Creatint for children’s paints and Palmer for children’s markers.

Washable and non-staining

Creative Colorants are inherently liquid and water-soluble. Compared to traditional pigments and dyes, they offer superior washability from skin and fabric without requiring volatile solvents.

Easy, reliable manufacturing

Creative Colorant primary colors can be perfectly blended to produce a broad range of deep and vibrant shades. Unlike powders, suspension and pastes, they do not settle in solutions, and are extremely easy to use and clean up. These colorants offer color consistency, stability and reliability, allowing manufacturers to enhance the quality of their end-products.

Protecting people and the environment

Creative Colorants are non-toxic and do not contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Colors and formulations based on these colorants have been approved by WIMA (the Writing Instruments Manufacturer Association) and ACMI (the Art and Creative Materials Institute). They comply with the EU’s EN 71 standard for toy safety testing and are supported by REACH.