Are you getting the most from color?

Color is one of your most powerful marketing tools. Most successful consumer goods companies have a signature color which carries the brand image and sets their products apart from those of competitors. Adding a color that matches your brand identity helps customers to recognize your product and associate it with the values you stand for. Research shows that, very soon after they first see a product, consumers subconsciously evaluate it, predominantly on its color. This makes color a vital asset when it comes to product differentiation. Color also has the power to communicate information about product qualities. For example, by coloring different foam layers in a mattress, you can highlight its structure and accentuate specific features.

The power of association

Successful products and brands invoke emotions, and consumers intuitively choose products that fulfill their emotional needs. Different colors can make people feel happy, safe, relaxed or energized. Colors also have associations that suggest information about the product. For example, green is associated with fresh and natural products, red is dynamic, and pink is relaxing and inviting. These suggestive powers make color an extremely valuable tool with the power to support your brand image and boost your sales.

The personalization trend

From sponges and mattresses to footwear, there is a growing demand among consumers for items that are customized to meet individual needs and preferences. Adding a range of colors is a simple, effective way to stay ahead by providing unique products without having to change the fundamental design of your products.

The quality your customers deserve

Your reputation is built on the quality of your products. Adding color to polyurethane foams enhances the appeal and durability of goods by masking stains, yellowing and surface damage. You can also add value for customers by coordinating packaging with contents and making it easier for them to identify the product they want.

Why color with Reactint®?

Reactint colorants offer strong, consistent color that will not migrate or extract over time. They offer a wide color space and deep, bright shades based on a limited palette of just five primary colorants. Using Reactint, foam manufacturers can offer you an almost endless color choice, including customized color to set your brand and products apart. Reactint also helps foamers to reduce waste and make their processes more efficient, creating savings that will be reflected in your profits.

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