Are you using the power of color?

Color is one of the most valuable assets in your marketing toolkit. A signature color has the power to carry your brand image and differentiate your products in the market. By adding a color that matches your brand identity, you can encourage customers to recognize your product and associate it with the values you stand for. Color is also a unique and universal language with the power to invoke emotions and communicate information. Different colors can make people feel happy, safe, relaxed, or energized. Green is associated with fresh and natural products, while red is perceived as dynamic, and pink as relaxing and inviting. As consumers intuitively choose products that fulfill their emotional needs, color is a very potent resource with the power to support your brand and boost your sales.

Setting trends: colored NX UltraClear PP

NX® UltraClear™ PP is the benchmark for crystal-clear polypropylene (PP), offering a lightweight, cost-efficient alternative to traditional materials such as PET and glass. It meets a growing demand for high gloss and transparency in consumer goods like packaging, bottles, appliances and housewares. At the same time, customers are demanding more color options and expect to see a different color for each variation of packaging contents. The combination of high-quality color and transparency has huge potential to enhance visual displays and attract customers, both instantly and over the long term. There is also a significant increase in demand for items that are customized to meet individual needs and preferences. Providing a color range is an easy, effective way to give consumers something unique and personal without changing the fundamental design of your products.

The quality your customers deserve

Your reputation is built on the quality of your products. NX UltraClear PP colored with ClearTint avoids issues with color migration and extraction and are compliant with requirements for use in food contact applications in the US and EU. It does not warp and offers good stiffness/impact balance and chemical and thermal resistance. Its light weight also helps to reduce environmental impact.

This versatile material offers excellent design flexibility, enabling you to create packaging and houseware items with complex, eye-catching shapes. You can also add value for customers by coordinating packaging with contents and making it easier for them to identify the product they want.

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Why color with ClearTint?

ClearTint colors offer the clearest and brightest colors achievable in transparent polypropylene. The standard range is based on current color trends and is regularly updated. Whether used as a light tint to mask residual haze or to achieve deep, rich shades, ClearTint enhances product aesthetics while maintaining the glass-like clarity of NX UltraClear PP.

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