ClearTint™: polymeric colorant for polypropylene (PP) transparency

ClearTint color concentrates are a convenient and highly effective way to add vivid, transparent color to clarified polypropylene (PP). These non-nucleating polymeric colorants deliver a huge range of color variations while maintaining a high level of PP transparency and performance. Processing is consistent and trouble-free across the full color spectrum. ClearTint colorants are widely used in packaging, bottles, appliances and housewares. They are suitable for injection molding, blow molding and thermoforming processes.

Perfect partners: ClearTint™ and NX™ UltraClear™ PP

NX UltraClear PP is polypropylene clarified with Millad® NX™ 8000, is the benchmark for crystal-clear PP and offers a lightweight, cost-efficient alternative to traditional transparent materials such as PET and glass. ClearTint colorants are designed to enhance this innovative material with the clearest, brightest color achievable in transparent PP. These versatile concentrates can be used to create deep, rich shades or to add a light tint to mask residual haze. They allow converters and brand owners to utilize the power of color in their products while maintaining the unrivalled clarity of NX UltraClear PP.

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The performance you need in colored transparent PP

ClearTint colorants help you to uphold the highest performance standards in your clarified PP products. ClearTint’s polymeric nature prevents color from bleeding out of the polypropylene, allowing you to offer colored materials that are compliant with requirements for use in food contact applications in the US and EU. NX UltraClear PP colored with ClearTint adds further value for your customers through superior aesthetics, good stiffness/impact balance and chemical and thermal resistance. The material is non-warping and provides a good moisture vapor barrier. Its light weight also helps to reduce environmental impact.

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How is ClearTint used?

ClearTint is not a pigment or a dye, but is a unique technology developed to color clarified polypropylene while eliminating warping and offering consistent, trouble-free processing across the color spectrum.

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Why color polypropylene?

Color is one of the most powerful marketing tools you have. It draws immediate attention to products, helps customers to identify your brand and accentuates specific qualities and features. It is also an effective way to stay ahead of aesthetic trends and the growing demand for safer, more cost-efficient products. For many consumers, color is a primary factor in their purchasing decision.

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