Floor & Carpet Care Capture®: carpet and rug cleaner

Capture® provides consumers with professional-quality cleaning capabilities in a safe, easy to use product line. The range includes a patented dry-cleaning powder for carpets, a pet stain and odor neutralizer, a steam clean detergent and several spot and stain removers. 

Powerful action against stubborn stains and odors

The Capture range also contains products that target specific cleaning issues. Capture Pet Stain and Odor Neutralizer is a deep cleaner designed for a range of household stains, including pet stains and odors. As it does not contain solvents or harsh chemicals, it is suitable for any fine fabric or carpet, including organic materials like wool and cotton. Capture Spot Eliminator tackles the most stubborn spots and oil-based stains. It can be sprayed on ink, grease, makeup, shoe polish and other difficult substances for complete stain removal with no sticky residue.

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