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Alkoxylates: customized specialty chemicals

Alkoxylates have a wide range of industrial uses, from paintings and coatings to personal care.  The range is developed in close cooperation with customers to fit specific requirements.

A comprehensive range

The Alkoxylate range includes:

Alcohol Alkoxylates (EO, PO, Combination)

  • Ethanol Alkoxylates
  • Butanol Alkoxylates
  • n-Decyl Alcohol Alkoxylates
  • Isodecyl Alcohol Alkoxylates
  • Lauryl Alcohol Alkoxylates
  • Tridecyl Alcohol Alkoxylates
  • C12-C14 Alcohol Alkoxylates
  • Stearyl Alcohol Alkoxylates
Fatty Acid Alkoxylates (EO, PO, Combination)
  • Coconut Fatty Acid Alkoxylates
  • Tall Oil Fatty Acid Alkoxylates
  • Neodecanoic Fatty Acid Alkoxylates
Triglyceride Alkoxylates (EO, PO, Combination)
  • Castor Oil Alkoxylates
  • Hydrogenated Castor Oil Alkoxylates
Specialty Branched Alkoxylates (EO, PO, Combination)
  • Glycerine Alkoxylates
  • Trimethylolpropane Alkoxylates
  • Pentaerythritol Alkoxylates
  • Dipentaerythritol Alkoxylates
  • Sorbitol Alkoxylates
  • Sucrose Alkoxylates
Phenol Alkoxylates (EO, PO, Combination)
  • Bisphenol A Alkoxylates
  • Bisphenol A Alkoxylates, Sulfated
  • Bisphenol A Alkoxylates,
  • Phosphated
  • Distyrylphenol Alkoxylates
  • Distyrylphenol Alkoxylates,
  • Phosphated
  • Nonylphenol Alkoxylates
  • p-Cumylphenol Alkoxylates
Other Alkoxylates (EO, PO, Combination)
  • 1,4 Cyclohexanedimethanol Alkoxylates
  • 1,6 Hexanediol Alkoxylates Tetrahydrofurfuryl Alcohol Alkoxylates
  • 2-Methoxyethanol Alkoxylates
  • Triethanolamine Alkoxylates

Looking for a customized solution?

We welcome specialty applications and work with our customers to create differentiated, custom solutions. For further product information, custom applications, samples, or technical service, please get in touch.

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