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Milliguard® AOX: antioxidants for polyurethane (PU)

Milliguard AOX antioxidant protects polyurethane (PU) and other thermoset polymers from oxidation and degradation. Specially designed to support polyol suppliers, polyurethane flexible foamers, mattress converters and other PU producers, it improves the quality and durability of final PU parts by preventing physical deterioration and discoloration caused by exposure to light, heat and exposure to light, heat and nitrogen oxides (NOx). This polymeric additive also helps producers to meet high environmental and air quality targets by reducing volatile organic compound (VOC) and outgassing condensation (FOG) emissions.

Tailored polyol base stabilization

Unlike most stabilizers, Milliguard AOX reacts into urethane systems, leading to better foam stability and performance. Amine-free, it reduces post-processing discoloration caused by UV light and NOx without contributing to VOC emissions.

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Scorch prevention and color protection for PU foam

Milliguard AOX antioxidants for PU foam ensure reduced scorch in polyether and polyester foams. They also delay yellowing over time and help to reduce VOC and FOG emissions. Milliguard AOX offers several potential benefits for your business, including cost savings, productivity improvements and reduced waste.

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A breath of fresh air

Indoor air quality is an increasing concern in the automotive industry, as health, safety and environmental regulations become more demanding. Milliguard AOX helps manufacturers of vehicle interiors to meet their targets by reducing VOC and FOG emissions from PU foams used in seats, instrument panels and headliners.

How does Milliguard AOX work?

Milliguard AOX is used by polyol manufacturers as a stabilizer, and by PU foamers to add scorch protection. But how does the additive prevent PU degradation?

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