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Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET)

ClearShield™: crystal-clear UV protection for PET packaged materials

ClearShield UV absorbers provide polyethylene terephthalate (PET) manufacturers and converters with a simple and highly efficient way to enhance their offering by adding UV protection directly into materials. This additive enables the creation of transparent packaging that displays its contents beautifully while also protecting them from degradation. Used in packaging for food, beverages, detergents and products for home and personal care, it extends shelf life and prevents color fading. It also integrates easily into production processes, overcoming many deficiencies of traditional technologies, and offers significant cost-saving opportunities.

Why protect against UV light?

Brand owners are using more natural ingredients as well as special additives, active ingredients and striking colors to differentiate their products in the market. Many of these ingredients are sensitive to UV light, which can have a negative impact on taste, fragrance, nutritional value and aesthetic appeal. To prevent degradation, products need to be protected from sunlight and indoor lighting during warehousing, distribution, retail display and post-purchase storage. Failure to provide this protection shortens shelf life, increases supply costs, leads to quality complaints and returns, and will ultimately damage a brand’s image.

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‘Clean label’ products and simpler processes

To protect their products against UV light, brand owners previously had to change their formulations, adding high loadings of stabilizers, preservatives and other additives. ClearShield UV absorbers offer an easier and more cost-effective ‘clean label’ alternative by incorporating UV protection into the PET package itself. ClearShield-modified PET also overcomes many performance issues linked to traditional technologies including unwanted color, migration, bloom and plate-out. Effective at low loadings, the additive is supplied as an easy feeding homogenous liquid or in commercially available resins and is compliant for food contact applications.

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Making packaging more sustainable

ClearShield contributes to more efficient production processes while also simplifying recycling streams and protecting the environment.

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