PET with ClearShield™: UV protection made simple

Today’s consumers expect a lot from packaging for food, drinks, toiletries, cosmetics and detergents for home and laundry care. As well as fresh, attractive presentation, they are increasingly looking towards natural ingredients, fragrances and colors, which are often more sensitive to UV light. Concerns about climate change and sustainability are also growing and customers expect brands to take a responsible attitude to clean manufacturing, waste reduction and recycling. Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) modified with ClearShield protects your products and your reputation by incorporating UV absorption into the packaging rather than the formulation of the contents. This versatile, sustainable material displays colors beautifully and prevents degradation of fragrances, flavors and nutritional content. By ensuring consistency in your offering and extending shelf life, it also preserves your brand image and helps to boost profits.

The natural choice for food and beverages

Transparent PET bottles and trays display food and drinks to their full advantage. However, PET materials that are not enhanced with UV protection lack the ability to protect their contents against light, which can degrade ingredients and negatively impact their appearance, color and taste. PET modified with ClearShield is a simple, cost-effective alternative that is approved for food contact. It doesn’t require any changes to your product formulation and maintains the clarity of the packaging.

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A clear winner for detergents and personal care

Would you like the freedom to use more natural essences, fragrances and colorants in your products without having to worry about UV damage and color degradation? PET modified with ClearShield allows you to store and display detergents, shower gels, shampoos, liquid soaps and cosmetics in crystal-clear packaging that filters out 95% of damaging UV light. It also eliminates the need to include high loadings of UV additives in your products, making production more efficient and boosting your profits.

Making packaging more sustainable

ClearShield makes packaging production more efficient and protects the environment by helping to streamline recycling processes.

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