ClearShield™: for sustainable clear PET

Sustainability is a fast-growing priority in the packaging industry and needs to be considered throughout the lifecycle of a container or bottle, from material production and conversion to reuse and recycling.

Reducing waste

There is increasing demand among consumers for food, beverage, personal care and home care products that contain pure, natural ingredients and fewer synthetic additives. However, these natural ingredients are often sensitive to UV light, which can affect qualities such as flavor, fragrance, color and vitamin content. This results in obsolescence and waste in the supply chain as retailers and consumers discard spoiled goods. ClearShield allows brand owners to incorporate UV protection in the packaging rather than the contents, eliminating the need for preservatives in the formulation. The amount of additive needed is approximately 20 times less than with traditional UV absorbers, making the entire process more efficient. ClearShield reduces waste by significantly extending the shelf life of the product. It also reduces the amount of chemical preservatives and stabilizers entering our waste water streams.

Reducing waste water contamination

Adding ClearShield to the PET packaging also eliminates concerns about toxicity or waste water contamination by some of the chemicals traditionally used in other UV stabilizers. Both standard PET bottles and PET bottles with ClearShield can be recycled. The PET bottle with ClearShield provides rPET with UV protection.

Supporting a circular economy

Bottles and containers made from transparent polyethylene terephthalate (PET) are suitable for reuse and recycling into other products. However, many distributors of food, beverage, home care and personal care products have been using opaque and colored PET materials instead, because of the added UV protection they provide. Unfortunately, these materials lead to a darker recycling stream, making sorting and processing more difficult and lowering the value of the reclaimed product. ClearShield overcomes this issue by allowing products to be stored and displayed in clear, uncolored PET with the same level of UV protection. It contributes to a circular economy by promoting the use of recyclable clear PET, rather than less sustainable materials.

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