The power of color – Highlighting the brand and function of PU Mattresses

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Don’t underestimate the power of color. It can stir consumer emotions, communicate key product characteristics, and provide a strong link to brand loyalty.

There were times when mattress foam was all white. But times have changed, and as new developments in the PU industry have improved the quality of foams, multi-layered and multi-colored PU foam mattresses have become more popular.

Milliken is helping to drive this consumer trend with its proprietary Reactint® colorants, which are blended in line in the foaming process and bound directly into the PU foam, enabling the widest color space that the market requests.

Watch our recorded webinar to follow the launch of the new Color App by Milliken, that will help producers to match any Pantone reference with the optimal Reactint formulation.

Antoni Puig, Product Line Manager EMEA, PU Colorants & Additives
Veerle De Wolf, Marketing Communication Manager EMEA
Jesse Shoultz, Global Market Manager, Polyurethane Colorants and Additive

Watch our recorded webinar