Pushing sustainability boundaries: Milliken introduces Millad® NX® 8000 ECO in Europe

Ghent, Belgium – Milliken & Company, a globally recognized leader in plastic additives and colorants has announced the European launch of one of its most sustainable products yet - Millad® NX® 8000 ECO. The latest addition to the market leading Millad NX 8000 product range, the ECO clarifying additive not only produces the fully transparent material known as NX UltraClear™ PP, which yields durable end products with superb, glass-like clarity, but addresses the growing trend for greater sustainability among brand owners, converters and consumers.

Designed to offer the same advantages as Millad NX 8000, Millad NX 8000 ECO offers faster production rates, average energy savings of 10% for the production of clarified polypropylene (PP) parts certified by the UL (Underwriters Laboratories) label, tunable clarity to meet specific market needs and the low risk of defects such as white specs, streaks and voids.

Recently the Millad NX 8000 product range became the only PP clarifying agents to receive Critical Guidance Recognition from the US Association of Plastic Recyclers, validating that the additive is compatible with plastic packaging recycling.

In addition to these market leading benefits, Millad NX 8000 ECO provides several new and unique advantages. It addresses concerns related to migration, especially in food contact applications by reducing Specific Migration Limits, or SMLs, without adding any new ingredients to the formulation.

Millad NX 8000 ECO also ensures no interface concerns with medical or recycling optical sorting systems, and offers consistent performance in all retail lighting, regardless of the presence of UV light from the light source.

"We are passionate about further pushing the boundaries of sustainability with our new ECO formulation”, said Zach Adams, Global Product Line Manager for Milliken’s Plastic Additives business. “The development of Millad NX 8000 ECO is part of our drive to solve the most meaningful problems, enabling plastics to improve people’s lives and transform the impact plastics have on the environment for the better.

Unprecedented global demand for Millad NX 8000, including the ECO formulation, has prompted Milliken to bring forward by two years the construction, of the largest clarifier plant in its history, boosting production capacity by 50% by 2020.

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