Industrial Goods

Milliken Chemical offers a variety of products that can be used in the industrial goods market.

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  • Keyfluor optical brighteners_industrial_420x200

    Keyfluor™ Optical Brighteners

    Applications: Security Taggants, Fiber Optics, Adhesives, Non-destructive Testing , Oil Field

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  • polycarbonate_420x200

    KeyPlast® Dyes & Pigments for Polycarbonate

    Applications: Roofing Materials

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  • Keyplast dyes & pigments for PLA_industrial_420x200

    KeyPlast® Dyes & Pigments for PLA

    Applications: 3D Printing

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  • Consumer and Industrial Goods - Nylon_420x200

    KeyPlast® Dyes & Pigments for Nylon

    Applications: Fiber

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  • Insulation - polystyrene_industrial_420x200

    KeyPlast® Dyes & Pigments for Polystyrene

    Applications: Insulation

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  • Industrial - Acrylic_420x200

    KeyPlast® Dyes & Pigments for Acrylic

    Applications: Signage & Shelving

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  • carwash_420x200

    Liquitint® Polymeric Colorants

    Applications: Carwash Soaps

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  • Liquitint® polymeric colorants_industrial_420x200

    Liquitint® Polymeric Colorants

    Applications: Industrial Cleaners

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