Our approach: honesty, integrity and ethical behavior

We believe that ethical behavior is the right thing to do as an organization and a community. As a long-held core value of our company and our shareholders, it is the foundation of our lasting business success. Every Milliken associate has a responsibility to act with honesty and integrity at all times. We are committed to conducting ourselves in accordance with the highest business standards, providing safe environments for our associates and manufacturing in a sustainable manner. How we achieve success is as important as the success we achieve.

Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct is our guide to ethical business behavior. While it addresses many situations and circumstances, it can be summarized in one simple principle: do what is right. We do not simply follow the letter of the law; we follow and exceed the spirit of the law.

We require all our associates to reconfirm their compliance with the Code of Conduct on an annual basis. Any associate who identifies a risk to our company values of honesty, integrity and ethical behavior, or to our legal compliance, has a responsibility to bring the situation to the attention of the company through their immediate manager, Human Resources or Legal Department.

Our commitment to ‘doing what is right’ will ensure our continuing legacy of ethics, excellence and leadership. We are committed to transparency, fairness, and honesty towards our customers, our shareholders, our communities and each other. This ethical way of doing business will continue to drive our company’s success and longevity.

Milliken has held this honor every year since it was first awarded in 2007. We are proud to be one of only a few companies that can claim this consecutive distinction, and one of only 21 private companies to have received the award in 2018.

Responsible sourcing

We treat our suppliers, customers, communities and environments with the utmost integrity and respect. This commitment is reflected in our strong supply-chain relationships, high-quality products, employee welfare, community reputation and minimal environmental impact. As socially responsible companies, we believe that our supplier partners should share this commitment.

Milliken acknowledges and respects the differences in culture and legal requirements throughout our global supply chain. Nevertheless, we require more than supplies and services that comply with all applicable laws: we also expect them to be produced or performed in a manner that is ethically, socially and environmentally responsible.

Just as we expect our associates to uphold our internal Code of Conduct, we expect our suppliers to uphold the ethical business principles of our Supplier Code of Conduct. We also expect them to conform to the highest applicable international standards. Acting with integrity is important in all business dealings and provides the foundation for strong business and economic relationships between our organization and its suppliers.

Workplace safety

Safety in the workplace is a core value that drives our company’s effort to build a zero-injury culture. As a result, Milliken is one of the nation’s top three companies for the number of sites receiving the coveted OSHA Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) Star Certification. Our truck fleet is repeatedly recognized for its safety record by organizations such as the National Safety Council and the National Private Truck Council. We also have one of the lowest total incident and injury rates among manufacturers in North America. On a daily basis, statistically, an individual is safer in a Milliken facility than they are in their personal home.

We share our comprehensive Milliken Safety Process™ with other companies through Performance Solutions by Milliken™. This is an employee-centric approach designed to build an organic, internal capability that is permanently infused into the organization.

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