UV protection: for long-lasting products and happy customers

Natural ingredients, special additives, active ingredients and striking colors are all important differentiators for your products. Unfortunately, they can be sensitive to UV light, which can have a negative impact on flavor, fragrance, nutritional value and aesthetic appeal.

Shelf life matters

Products that are protected against degradation caused by sunlight and indoor lighting have a longer shelf life. This helps to prevent waste and can significantly lower your supply costs. It also enhances your reputation by increasing customer satisfaction and preventing quality complaints and returns. To significantly prolong shelf life, protect your products during warehousing, distribution, retail display and post-purchase storage.

Change the packaging, not the product

Adding UV absorbers to packaging materials is a simple, economical way to add protection without changing the formulation of your products. For example, you can present food, beverages, detergents or products for home and personal care in transparent PET or PP that displays contents beautifully while also protecting them from exposure to UV light.

Make your products the first choice

Polyurethane foams for furniture and bedding, building insulation and vehicle interiors can be susceptible to yellowing and degradation caused by exposure to UV. This diminishes their aesthetic appeal and has a negative impact on customer satisfaction. You can differentiate your products and build your reputation for high quality by using PU with built-in UV protection.

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