Stunning Blue-Greens lead 2020 trending colors in Latin America

Stunning Blue-Greens lead 2020 trending colors in Latin America

March 17, 2020 by Marcos Chavez

In 2020, with an old decade behind us and a new one just beginning, nature, sustainability, technology and exploration are becoming central to our lives. And, while we understand we can’t control the natural world we can control our surroundings. The suite of stunning colors inspiring art, design and life in Latin America this year reflect that sentiment.

Greens and Blues For Life, Nature and Space

The first of these hues are beautiful and calming blue-greens inspiring us to all be better stewards of our oceans and nature. Sustainability is no longer a new concept and we must innovate one step further to reach sustainability 2.0. It is time to look ahead and recognize that we need to re-double our efforts around pollution and the destruction of the natural world. This year’s Latin focus on teal inspired blue-greens reminds us to care for our oceans and nature to create a brighter future.

From our planet to outer space, deep, darker blues are colors that evoke dreams of the stars, exploring our galaxy and solving the mysteries of the universe we have yet to understand. We are reminded of NASA’s iconic Blue Marble photograph, the first full-color shot of the Earth taken in 1972 by Apollo 17 astronauts. Our curiosity is piqued as more civilians venture out of this world, whilst technology drives our imaginations towards new, and more digital, ways of living.

From blue to green, the third group of cool colors making waves in Latin America in 2020 are invigorating neon greens, more urban and electric. Think of the vibrancy of Rio de Janeiro’s annual Carnival when more than two-million people throng onto the streets each day or the pulse of the legendary nightlife in Buenos Aires' thriving underground bar and dance scene. These toucan inspired greens are colors for Latin life.

Sunshine to Start the Day

Vibrant yellows say sunshine on this bright, buzzing continent. They are colors to begin happy days brimming with energy, passion and pleasure, old or young. People all over Latin America will fall in love with these lively colors in 2020 as they picture sunrise on the Atlantic beaches of Mexico or Costa Rica right down to the white sand playas of Montevideo.

Latin Reds and Pinks for the Cute and the Bold

Latin America has the largest Japanese community outside of the country with an estimated one and a half million Japanese migrants living from Colombia to Chile. Some of 2020’s key Latin American colors reflect a touch of Japanese culture a continent away. A suite of reddish pinks are trending to reflect elements of culture in Japan represented by characters from Hello Kitty to Pikachu in everything from clothing to entertainment. Theses gorgeous colors will allow Latinos to put on a gentle, charming and happy face.

From cute to whimsical, gentle purples are young, emerging colors of imagination helping our dreams to become real. In Latin America, as with many parts of the world, virtual reality and integrated technologies mean that the lines between reality and fantasy are being blurred. These subtle, soft purples remind us to hold on to nature and to be inspired by the lilacs and lavender in the fields instead of images on our screens.

The last of the warm colors making a splash across this vast continent in 2020 are passionate and exciting reds that are intense and bewitching, evoking thoughts of the passion of a tango in Buenos Aires.

They are colors that say we are alive, that inspire older generations to stay youthful, vibrant and interested in the world around them and to engage with South America’s younger citizens, who are exploring new things and learning from their elders at every opportunity.

Written by

Marcos Chavez

Sales manager PC&I Mexico