Milliken’s ColorDirection 2019 points to honesty, authenticity

Milliken’s ColorDirection 2019 points to honesty, authenticity

March 05, 2019 by Milliken Chemical

At Milliken, we can’t predict the future, but we do work closely with experts who are adept at spotting emerging consumer trends. Calling on that expertise, each year we produce our ColorDirection forecast, in which we offer insights into changing patterns of consumer preference as it relates to color palettes.

Six new colors

After assessing various signals and patterns through lenses such as nature, architecture, art and design, and fashion, we expect the vibrant shock of today’s bold –- and more artificial –- primary palette to fade, in favor of more authentic hues. We see 2019 taking a confident step into authenticity, with honest colors that are bright yet as real as possible:

  • Dazzling Blue – a deeply reassuring color meant to suggest strength, confidence and tranquility, after a decade of turbulence. Think of a breathtaking sky or a deeply calming lake.
  • Valiant Poppy – an unstoppable red, lifted straight from the palette of “no self-doubt.” This tone speaks of the boldness of belonging, and is the signal color of life itself.
  • Turmeric – this very calming yet confident member of the orange family does not need to shout to be seen. Rather, it offers a friendly link with nature, and we see it becoming a consumer favorite in the personal-care and detergent sectors in 2019.
  • Parrot Green – brightly alive, and dancing with energy, this lively color is both fresh and natural. For 2019, green will remain an important buying trigger in consumer products, reminding customers of their connection to the environment. We see it playing a key role in both packaging and fashion, as designers celebrate a return to nature.
  • Spearmint – this second green is mild, quiet and caring, and a refreshing escape from sharp vivid edges and bland monochrome surfaces. Products and surfaces that use this color will speak of fresh, pleasant comfort, bringing the reassurance and relief from hectic living.
  • Pastel Lilac – while a quiet color, this hue speaks strongly of nature, scented blooms and emotional comfort, and warmly hints at optimism for a brighter era of consumer confidence. For 2019, we see it taking its place as a color to believe, a tone to trust. Already a favorite in plastics and detergents, this color is forecast to expand into cosmetics and personal care.

Join us

Join us on our Authentic Voyage for 2019, as these six new colors aim to be heard without shouting, seen without screaming – beautiful, genuine, real.

And stay tuned, as we are soon about to launch our projected colors for 2020.

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