"Milliken really respects its associates, no matter who they are or what job they do"

"Milliken really respects its associates, no matter who they are or what job they do"

July 15, 2021 by Sarah Alves

Latin America is a significant hub for Milliken’s Chemical Division with a focus on several sectors including agriculture and household consumer products.

Sarah Alves works out of Milliken’s Brazil office, where last year the company opened its most advanced laboratory to date, servicing customers in Mexico, Central America and Andean countries.

Tell us a bit about your role at Milliken?
"I’ve been with Milliken, in the Chemical Division customer service department, for a year. In my role as Customer Service Representative, I coordinate orders, quotations and shipping to LATAM customers covering all modes of transport: land, air and sea. I'm constantly looking for the best solutions for our customers if any problems arise. Specifically, I’m currently looking into solutions to automatize certain tasks, so we can optimize the time the team spends on repetitive tasks."

What is your favorite part of the job? What excites you about it?
"In our team, every member takes care of one or more region. I enjoy being able to solve problems and answer questions. It’s satisfying to build something and have an immediate impact on others. I also like to monitor the customer service KPIs to check that we have reached our goals and to recognize the progress we make."

What’s is your favorite Milliken memory?
"I really like the regional meeting that occurs twice a year. The business shares with the whole team an overview of results, ongoing projects, investment etc. and this is really nice. For me, it's a great opportunity to get to know new colleagues and to catch up with people I don’t interact with on a daily basis."

What’s special about Milliken?
"I like the atmosphere and the ethics. Milliken really respects its associates, no matter who they are or what job they do. As well, the way that we all work, with people in general aiming for excellence in their positions, is really motivating."

What’s one piece of advice you have for someone looking for a job or internship at Milliken?
"Milliken never stops. We are constantly innovating and expanding, so be bold, dynamic and pro-active!"

Written by

Sarah Alves

Customer Service Representative
Latin America