“It’s incredibly motivating to see all the innovation and new projects that appear”

“It’s incredibly motivating to see all the innovation and new projects that appear”

April 28, 2021 by Luciano Santos

Milliken’s Chemical Division has a significant presence in Latin America including in sectors such as agriculture and household consumer products. Last year it opened its most advanced laboratory to date, in Sao Paolo, offering Milliken customers best in class testing and technical support, expanding on the services it has long provided. Luciano Santos has worked in a customer service role for Milliken in Sao Paolo for almost three and a half years and says it feels incredible to be part of the bigger Milliken family.

Tell us a bit about your role at Milliken. What do you work on?
"I work in the Customer Service and Supply Chain department as a Foreign Trade Analyst and am responsible for taking care of customers in Latin America. I process new orders and send quotations, as well as giving support to the technical, sales and marketing and communications teams when necessary. Of course, a big part of my job is to solve customer issues and to be the communication bridge between customer, plant and logistics. I’m very grateful to have such an interesting and dynamic role!"

What is your favorite part of the job?
"There are three things that make my day. The first is to see that our customers are satisfied with our service. Milliken has amazing products, and we need to be extraordinary so those products can be delivered to our customers. The second is when I have the chance to learn new things that challenge me. This really motivates me to continually improve. The third is when I have the chance to help my team, to share my knowledge and to know that I have passed it on. This is when I feel like part of something much bigger and it’s amazing to me!"

Do you have a particular customer success story or a highlight that you are proud of?
"The Tolling operations work like a support arm in Milliken's operations, they are partners capable of producing our materials to our standards using our own products. To be part of their evolution is something to be proud of and to see the sales results is awesome!"

What is your favourite Milliken memory?
"My first is our team, it feels like we have worked together forever. My second is that, after a tough year, I was nominated for the company’s Impact Award. It’s pretty amazing to see that our leaders and colleagues recognize when someone does a great job! This year I was nominated again for the Impact Award, despite all the changes and challenges. I am very proud of these two prizes and the recognition that I have received working at Milliken. It is part of my legacy here."

What’s special about Milliken?
"When you understand how Milliken products work it is just mind blowing and it’s incredibly motivating to see all the innovation and new projects that appear. I definitely believe that innovation is a key part of Milliken's DNA!"

What’s one piece of advice you have for someone looking for a job or internship at Milliken?
"Be yourself. Milliken is looking for experts and team workers so explain your skills with transparency, be confident and calm and your time will come to work with such a terrific company!"

Written by

Luciano Santos

Customer Service and Supply Chain Department
Foreign Trade Analyst