How color and colorants play a powerful role in home and laundry products

How color and colorants play a powerful role in home and laundry products

August 25, 2020 by David Ashley

Consumers are faced with many choices on supermarket shelves. Branding and differentiation are two elements high on the list which influence purchasing decision across a broad range of product categories. This includes the colorants found in home and laundry care products.

Color is a powerful element in grabbing attention and conveying a message about a product's quality and special features. Studies show that people make up their minds about a consumer product within just 90 seconds; and a staggering 60-90% of that assessment is based on color alone.

Understanding the psychological element of color

Smart producers and marketers of consumers goods know there's a strong psychological element tied to color. It conveys uniqueness, personalization, accentuates features, and defines an experience as consumers interact with brands. Color has the ability to enhance certain moods and appetites, as well as regulate people's state of mind and perceptions. It is one of the most important sales tools.

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Understanding the role that brand color psychology plays, as it relates to emotions ranging from optimism, dependability, excitement, peacefulness, a sense of well-being and more, is essential to product marketing success.

All of these elements represent the driving force behind the continuing growth of the colorants market on a global scale, especially the growing home and laundry care sector. Businesses in all continents understand the effectiveness of color as a brand identifier.

Choosing colorants for your home and laundry care products

But as consumers demand and respond to the uniqueness of color, global trends favoring sustainability and environmental friendliness also means that brands and their products must reflect a commitment to higher quality and sustainable processes.

Milliken's Liquitint polymeric colorants provide unrivaled benefits in combining dynamic color variations with excellent processability. The water-soluble and non-staining colorants are compatible with the most challenging active ingredients, including additives and higher perfume levels.

These differentiating elements in our polymeric colorants reflect the trends in today's home and laundry care products. Make your brand offerings aesthetically stand out with bright and stable colorants. Liquitint allows you to create and infinite spectrum of bright shades to help you differentiate your product and grab your consumers' attention.

Written by

David Ashley