ColorDirection 2020: 6 new colors to brighten the consumer product market

ColorDirection 2020: 6 new colors to brighten the consumer product market

August 01, 2019 by Veerle De Wolf

On an annual basis, Milliken sets an eye forward into emerging trends to select and define impactful colors with the greatest resonance for the modern consumer. The supermarket shelves are very competitive spaces and, with so many competing options to choose from, capturing the attention of potential customers with clear packaging displaying highly colorful content is a necessity. The ColorDirection 2020 report sets out to identify what tomorrow's most impactful color spectrum will be. The latest ColorDirection report is titled the Color Comfort Collection. It groups six new colors, carefully selected by Milliken, which encapsulate the current color trends shaping the consumer product space.

New 2020 colors map out the consumer journey

The ColorDirection 2020 color palette comprises of: Terra Mundo, First:Love, Purple Dreaming, Planet Green Relaxing Blue, and Green Dawn.

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Collectively, these emerging colors for the consumer product market bring to life, and map out, the consumer journey. From the familiar and comforting memories of bygone days prompted by Terra Mundo, to awaken our driving ambition to pursue our dreams and ambitions through Purple Dreaming, to our aim of achieving the greatest love of all — loving oneself — as exemplified by First:Love.

The value that adding vibrant colors to consumer products brings to brand identity, functionality and product appeal cannot be underestimated. Emotions and feelings are often tied to our purchasing decisions. The aesthetics of a product trigger reactions.

New 2020 color collection evokes consumer emotions

The Connected Comfort Collection, reflected in the symphony of six colors, takes us into a journey describing how branded and distinctive products can evoke emotions and memories in the mind of the consumer.

A sense of home: Few things can match the comforting feeling of home. Tera Mundo connects to our journey home, back to a place of comfort and belonging. The earthy tones, accented by optimistic orange hues, evoke the richness of the raw materials of the earth.

The sharing self: Reflecting our loving self, First:Love explores the journey of self-discovery. In a hectic modern world, it’s never been more important to dig deep into ourselves, reconnect with our inner strength and focus on self-care.

The reward of reaching: Along the same lines, as we allow ourselves to take a break from the demanding daily grind to take some time to loosen up, the Relaxing Blue color trends embodies this sense of balance, self-reflection and deep rest.

Surrounded by satisfaction: As we find peace in centering ourselves in a familiar place, humans also long to feel connected with something bigger. Planet Green, a bridge theme, brings us that deep satisfaction of being reunited across oceans and large green forests.

Gentle progress: It’s also in our nature to feel that we are walking in our purpose and achieving our goals and dreams. Purple Dreaming comforts us in our gentle progress. It highlights our imagination and belief in the promise of tomorrow.

A fresh start: The process of moving forward sometimes means making a fresh start. Green Dawn embraces the opportunities for decisive action as they present themselves. It inspires a burst of energy and a feeling of boundless possibilities.

A versatile, innovative range of colorants

Colors are unmistakably associated with people's many emotions, tastes and cherished memories. Smart marketers are keenly aware of this. Which is why Milliken offers a versatile and innovative range of colorants for plastics, detergents and foam, used in a variety of household consumer products, giving brands a competitive edge on the shelf.

These brand-building product lines include:

Reactint — Pure liquid flexible solution to add vivid colors to polyurethane (PU) foams and resins.

Liquitint — A range of polymeric colorants which differentiates itself in the marketplace through its water-soluble and non-staining properties.

Liquitint Agro — A non-staining line representing a major breakthrough in the use of colorants for the agricultural sector — offering many interesting benefits for fertilizer manufacturers.

Cleartint — Offers the clearest and brightest colors for NX UltraClear Polypropylene. ClearTint is not a pigment or a dye; so colors do not bleed of from the clarified PP. This makes it a safe solution for all types of packaging,

Keyplast colorants — A wide range of colorants, capturing a multitude of stable shades, ideal for use with a variety of resins. It’s applicable to diverse types of applications by both liquid and solid masterbatch producers. Resistant to high processing temperatures, Keyplast colorants provide good thermal and UV stability.

Written by

Veerle De Wolf

Marketing Communication Manager EMEA