Associate Spotlight: Customer Service Representative for Milliken Europe Dorien De Ridder awarded for impact

Associate Spotlight: Customer Service Representative for Milliken Europe Dorien De Ridder awarded for impact

December 09, 2019 by Dorien De Ridder

Milliken’s Chemical division has grown to become a leading global supplier of coatings, specialty chemicals and advanced additive and colorant technologies since its conception in 1957. It has application and development centers around the world and is committed to customer support.

Dorien De Ridder has been with Milliken Europe Chemical Division for almost four years where she has recently been recognized for her superior customer service and support.

Tell us a bit about your role at Milliken, what does it involve?
"As a Customer Service Representative I help customers with questions regarding orders, logistics and price quotations; and I look for solutions if they encounter a problem with their supply. Luckily, I can rely on my direct colleagues, and on our Shipping Team, for help in challenging cases. Further, I am often the link between the customer and the broader Chemicals team."

What excites you most about your position?
"In our team, every member takes care of one or more product lines, rather than a specific region. As a result, I have daily contact with companies from all over EMEA. I am a language enthusiast, so for me it is fantastic to be able to communicate with people from Norway to Russia and from Dubai to South Africa. Also, I have a very broad job description and get involved in ‘the bigger picture’. This gives me a good insight in how the market is evolving for the products in the portfolio that I manage. When I joined, I did not expect to find this so interesting."

What’s is your favorite Milliken Chemical memory?
"We have such a great team, with people from different ages and backgrounds. So, I would say our year-end parties, where the whole team is treated to a nice dinner. These are always great opportunities to get to know new colleagues and to catch up with people I don’t interact with on a daily basis. And of course, it is a night to celebrate the hard work we have done over the past year."

Which special milestone did you achieve in 2019?
"Together with three other colleagues in our Customer Service team I received an ‘Impact Award’. This is internal recognition for associates that go the extra mile and it’s really nice to work in a company that recognises the efforts of ‘support services’. Knowing that our work is valued really is the best motivation."

What’s special about Milliken Chemical? What do you like about the company?
"When I tell people that I work for Milliken Chemical they usually don’t know the company or what businesses we are in. When I then tell them that they use products with Milliken technologies every day they are always very surprised. It is really one of my favorite things to explain that Milliken products are found in so many applications: from the colors in washing-up liquid to the additive that makes food containers transparent and recyclable."

What’s one piece of advice you have for someone looking for a job or internship at Milliken?
"Be yourself during interviews and assessments as Milliken values integrity over everything else."

Written by

Dorien De Ridder

Customer Service Representative for Milliken Europe