A Bold Red and Calming Pinky Beige Capture the Imagination of North America in 2020

A Bold Red and Calming Pinky Beige Capture the Imagination of North America in 2020

April 07, 2020 by Jamie Myers

In 2020, certainly these days, the importance of being connected as a society has come into renewed focus. In North America, a continent that drives new ideas and is the home of innovative consumer electronics, constantly evolving technologies help people to reach out across the globe. At the same time we are discovering just how important personal touch continues to be.

Reds and subtle beiges reflect a human warmth

Big, daring reds are capturing the imagination of North Americans in 2020. These colors reflect the sentiment that anything is possible, challenging us to be proactive, to get out there and make a difference to someone, and to gather our energy and stay connected, even in difficult or unusual times. From the camaraderie of Cincinnati Reds baseball fans to the Canadian maple leaf flag, these reds embrace togetherness online and off.

Also at the warm end of the color spectrum, comforting beiges, like those found in Maine’s trees in the fall, remind us all to be kind. Hand in hand with the bold reds they invoke a feeling of community, helping us to embrace friends and family with compassion, understanding and a clear vision of our relationships into the future. As societies, we all share a common aspiration and these radiant hues help us embrace this reality.

Purples for positivity and creativity

Throughout history purple has been a regal color, worn by kings, queens and nobles. In North America it is often associated with individualism and the unconventional. In 2020, striking shades of violet are trending across this vast continent, from the Arctic regions of Canada to Miami’s Caribbean influenced shores. They exude feelings of creativity and passion as well as a higher sense of purpose, like the Purple Heart which the United States Military awards to soldiers wounded or killed in battle.

Directing the energy of these extravagant purple shades, which combine the fierce vitality of reds and the stability of cooler blues, helps us to focus on an optimistic decade moving forward.

Blues and greens to calm and connect

Three cool blue and green hues are trending in North America in 2020.

A light, electric blue, that invokes thoughts of the clear skies over Arizona or New Mexico, leads us back to the ways and traditions of our grandparents. They led simple, sincere lives and the clarity of these lighter blues communicates these old-fashioned values that we want to reignite in the future.

Deeper and softer blue-greens, reflective of the colors of the Great Lakes and the Northern Lights, are also popular, particularly for interiors. These calming and rich hues give spaces a natural feel, creating ties between old and young and between different cultures, as we all live with and in nature.

In this age when our choices seem almost limitless, many of us try to focus on the things that we hold most dear, that we feel are most important and for which we can make the biggest difference. One of these is our environment and this year’s subtle, grass inspired greens offer the promise of a more sustainable future.

Inspiring yellows for light and warmth

2020’s final trending color is a yellow that spreads its light like the great Canadian prairies. Covering a large part of Western Canada the grassland prairies have inspired generations of native and modern stories. As spring turns to summer, promising long and languid days with bright, golden light, this year’s yellows are inspiring North Americans to embrace their imaginations and the path ahead.

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Written by

Jamie Myers

Senior Development Engineer for Performance Colorants & Ingredients