2020: A Springboard for warm yellows in Europe

2020: A Springboard for warm yellows in Europe

May 20, 2020 by Antoni Puig , Sami T.K. Palanisami and Steven Spanhove

In 2020, as our awareness of the importance of the world around us – from the very large to the very small – increases, Europeans are turning to the rich colors of life in everything from home decorating to art and design. These bright, stunning shades offer an inspiring glimpse into the future that Europeans want to create.

The warm colors of European Life

Every morning dawn breaks with the glow of an orange-yellow sun which is also the color of humble bumble bees, whose longer tongue and vibrating wings make them more efficient pollinators for some plant species, including the bright yellow sunflower. The cozy oranges and yellows capturing the imagination of Europeans this spring are a gentle nod to how important the little things are to our lives.

These life-giving colors are also a reminder of the responsibilities to care for our environment, embrace the changes that face us all and take action to make sure that we safeguard our planet for generations to come.

Also inspiring Europeans this year are true orange hues. Invoking dreams of the fruit groves of Valencia and Dutch confidence to the bright, welcoming orange-washed stone cottages of the Greek Islands. These warm but vibrant tones invite us to embrace the unknown, the magical and the unique, making a statement on life’s adventures to come.

Reds that say ‘subtle’ and ‘stop’

More down to earth, and with thoughts leading back to times past, other colors making an impression include subtle, soil inspired and minimalist shades of terracotta. In ancient Italy terracotta was widely used for architectural design as well as for decorative purposes in the form of statuettes and lamps. Today’s cool and minimalist Scandinavian interiors are embracing these tones that tell the stories of an ancient, simpler time and make connections with a more physical, natural and more fragrant life.

Brighter reds are also coming in to play; reds that remind us of the embers of a winter fire in the Alps, the bubbling volcano on Italy’s island of Stromboli or the traffic lights in a metropolis like Paris that say stop, breathe and live in the now!

They also invite us to take a breath and shape the world we dream of. To do this we need to take a step back, contemplate what we want to achieve and take action now. Bright reds help us to be bold, brave and engaged in the present for a better tomorrow.

Cool colors for nature and youth

Moving to the cool end of the color spectrum, as the spring breaks, yellow greens are not only blooming in our gardens but also decorating our indoor and outdoor spaces. These refreshing tones are popular among decorators and designers trying to evoke feelings of invigoration, authenticity and health. We are prompted to dream of the Austrian edelweiss in green mountain fields or Mediterranean waters where the sand meets the sea, inspired by an appreciation for authenticity and the serene.

The final trending colors in 2020 are soft, subtle blues, at home in the Swiss ski fields or the cool and futuristic ice bar that buzzes in Berlin. These blues are light in tone and feeling and have a sense of electricity about them. They combine real life energy and coolness with online freedom and a sense of anonymity, perfect for our time as the two mediums blur and merge.

A new decade full of new, and old, colors

Europe is a continent steeped in a history full of a rainbow of countries, cultures and colors. As a new decade begins the colors that are inspiring the region tell a story of sustainability, technology and hope. They tell a story of the past, the present and of what’s to come; of remembrance, the here and now. They are colors for a mature and confident population that has a vision of a happy and bright future.

For more ideas on which colors are hot in Europe in 2020 get in touch for information on our full spectrum of stunning colorants.

Written by

Antoni Puig

Product Line Manager EMEA
PU Colorants & Additives

Written by

Sami T.K. Palanisami

Global Commercial Manager
KeyPlast Colorants

Written by

Steven Spanhove

Senior Sales Director
Liquitint Colorants