As a mark of our dedication and attention to detail in this respect, all our manufacturing facilities are certified as conforming to the highest global standard for environmental responsibility: ISO 14001. This company-wide commitment to excellence is also the reason why Milliken is among the few companies in the US to have received the Malcom Baldridge Quality and TPM awards, as well as the European Quality Award, the British Quality Award and the Canadian Quality Award.

ISO 9001 Certificates

ISO 9001 – Dewey, RMC, Allen, Inman, Europe

ISO 9001 – SiVance LLC

ISO 9001 – Borchers Franklin, PA

ISO 9001 – Borchers Castres

ISO 9001 – Borchers

ISO 14001 Certificates

ISO 14001RC – Dewey, RMC, Allen

ISO 14001 – Europe

ISO 14001 - Borchers Franklin, PA

ISO 14001 - Borchers Castres

ISO 14001 - Borchers Langenfeld

ISO 45001 Certificates

ISO 45001 - Borchers Castres