The focus for the majority of the SiVance® products is placed on the chemistry of the product–not the performance in a particular application. Therefore, most of the value is created in SiVance's process development, manufacturing capabilities and responsiveness. View the list of SiVance products by chemistry below.

If you do not see the specific product for your needs, SiVance has the capabilities to custom manufacture silanes and silicones to your exact specifications. Please contact us.
Product Functionality Product code CAS No.
ProductMethyltris(trimethysiloxy)silane Functionality Product code CAS No.17928-28-8 Contact us
ProductPhenyltris(trimethysiloxy)silane Functionality Product code CAS No.2116-84-9 Contact us
ProductAminopropyl PDMS-10 FunctionalityAmino Product code3000063933 CAS No.106214-84-0 Our offering
ProductAminopropyl PDMS-30 FunctionalityAmino Product code CAS No.106214-84-0 Contact us
ProductBis(aminopropyl)siloxane FunctionalityAmino Product code9000000818 CAS No.106214-84-0 Contact us
Product3-(Glycidoxypropyl)heptamethyltrisiloxane FunctionalityEpoxy Product code3000063931 CAS No.7422-52-8 Our offering
ProductDiethoxypolydimethylsiloxane FunctionalityEthoxy Product code3000063733 CAS No.70851-25-1 Our offering
ProductDH-6, Hydride Terminated Sil Fluid FunctionalityHydride Product code3000063721 CAS No.70900-21-9 Our offering
ProductDMH-100A FunctionalityHydride Product code300120972 CAS No.68037-59-2 Contact us
ProductDMH-5A FunctionalityHydride Product code3000064026 CAS No.68037-59-2 Our offering
ProductHeptamethyltrisiloxane FunctionalityHydride Product code3000063710 CAS No.1873-88-7 Our offering
ProductMHD10MH FunctionalityHydride Product code3000113366 CAS No.70900-21-9 Contact us
ProductMHD15MH FunctionalityHydride Product code3000113617 CAS No.70900-21-9 Contact us
ProductMHD25MH FunctionalityHydride Product code3000063932 CAS No.70900-21-9 Our offering
ProductMHD3.5MH FunctionalityHydride Product code3000064128 CAS No.70900-21-9 Our offering
ProductMHD6MH FunctionalityHydride Product code3000063716 CAS No.70900-21-9 Our offering
ProductPhenyltris(dimethylsiloxy) Silane FunctionalityHydride Product code3000063622 CAS No.18027-45-7 Our offering
ProductTetramethyldisiloxane XP FunctionalityHydride Product code3000112144 CAS No.3277-26-7 Our offering
ProductHexamethyldisiloxane FunctionalityMethyl Product code3000063642 CAS No.107-46-0 Our offering
ProductDiphenyldivinyltrisiloxane FunctionalityVinyl Product code3000064416 CAS No.18586-22-6 Contact us
ProductDivinyltetramethyldisiloxane XP FunctionalityVinyl Product code3000104104 CAS No.2627-95-4 Our offering
ProductMVD8MV FunctionalityVinyl Product code3000064056 CAS No.68083-19-2 Our offering
ProductVinyl Polymer 100 FunctionalityVinyl Product code3000121991 CAS No.68083-19-2 Our offering
ProductVinyl Polymer 1000 FunctionalityVinyl Product code3000121965 CAS No.68083-19-2 Our offering
ProductVinyl Polymer 10000 FunctionalityVinyl Product code3000121962 CAS No.68083-19-2 Our offering
ProductVinyl Polymer 200 FunctionalityVinyl Product code3000121967 CAS No.68083-19-2 Our offering
ProductVinyl Polymer 2000 FunctionalityVinyl Product code3000121964 CAS No.68083-19-2 Our offering
ProductVinyl Polymer 20000 FunctionalityVinyl Product code3000121961 CAS No.68083-19-2 Our offering
ProductVinyl Polymer 400 FunctionalityVinyl Product code3000121966 CAS No.68083-19-2 Our offering
ProductVinyl Polymer 5000 FunctionalityVinyl Product code3000121963 CAS No.68083-19-2 Our offering
ProductVinyl Polymer 65000 FunctionalityVinyl Product code3000121960 CAS No.68083-19-2 Our offering