The focus for the majority of the SiVance® products is placed on the chemistry of the product–not the performance in a particular application. Therefore, most of the value is created in SiVance's process development, manufacturing capabilities and responsiveness. View the list of SiVance products by chemistry below.

If you do not see the specific product for your needs, SiVance has the capabilities to custom manufacture silicone-based products to your exact specifications. Please contact us.

Product Functionality Product code CAS No.
ProductHexamethyldisilazane FunctionalityAlkyl Product code3000063628 CAS No.999-97-3 Our offering
ProductHexamethyldisilazane, E Grade FunctionalityAlkyl Product code3000063650 CAS No.999-97-3 Our offering
ProductBis (3,3,3-Trifluoropropyl) Tetramethyldisilazane FunctionalityFluoro Product code3000064019 CAS No.39482-87-6 Our offering
ProductTetramethyldisilazane FunctionalityHydride Product code3000064095 CAS No.15933-59-2 Our offering
ProductDivinyltetramethyldisilazane FunctionalityVinyl Product code3000063790 CAS No.7691-02-3 Our offering