Polypropylene (PP) is a valuable, versatile material but needs additives to optimize its performance for target applications. This is where Hyperform® HPN® Performance Additives for PP come in. These advanced additives unlock the full potential of PP resin, and enhance the material in several ways, for use in various processes.

Hyperform HPN offers increased stiffness while also enabling downgauging in extruded pipes. Derived from cleaner chemistry, these additives optimize homopolymer PP (HPP) resins to allow thermoformers to produce parts with better optics, higher stiffness, and one less SML compared to resins modified with the previous-generation additive.

When added to block copolymers (BCP) and HPP resins, Hyperform HPN can help injection molders to produce parts with higher stiffness while reducing cycle time, boosting productivity, and saving energy. Similarly, Hyperform HPN-modified resins can help thin-wall injection molders to reduce their cycle time while producing products with a cleaner look and balanced physical properties. All injection molders running materials optimized with these additives can promote their sustainability profile by displaying the UL Environmental Claim Validation label that certifies significant energy savings.