Sustainability as a driver

Recycling-friendly solutions

A strong focus on sustainability is prompting brand owners to move away from metalized or multi-material structures to seek more recycling-friendly solutions. That is driving change and encouraging innovation among material suppliers.

The improved barrier performance provided by UltraGuard to PE films opens up the opportunity for greater freedom when it comes to layer design. For instance, an HDPE layer with UltraGuard can be combined with a thin EVOH layer to generate structures that have good oxygen and water transmission properties, and yet still comply with the most important recyclability design guides.

Leading the way forward

When it comes to assessing key future strategies for the plastics industry when it comes to tackling the issue of plastic packaging waste, one need look no further than the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s report called “The New Plastics Economy: Rethinking the Future of Plastics,” which states: “…non-reusable packaging must be easy to separate into single material types; mono-materials are to be used if possible; only recyclable materials must be used.”

Milliken is doing its part. Let us work with you to address packaging recyclability and sustainability issues with our latest technology – UltraGuard Solutions.

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