Optimize barrier properties

How it works

UltraGuard Solutions form a tortuous path in the polyethylene that cuts the transmission rates of any permeant (e.g. moisture, O2, CO2, grease, VOCs, solvents) that passes through the packaging by 20-60%.

For flexible food packaging

Improved barrier provides various benefits, such as better product protection, reduced thicknesses of packages that were limited by barrier, and increased design flexibility of the package, all of which helps to advance the effort to create high-performance polyethylene recyclable structures.

For rigid packaging

Tests have shown that UltraGuard can improve water vapor transmission rate (WVTR) by more than 50%. That allows for structure optimization. This could mean, for example, less HDPE content in a layer or a thinner HDPE layer needed to achieve a certain level of barrier. Transmission rate of other permeants (such as grease) are normally reduced by the same amount.

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