Milliken solutions for polyethylene (PE)

Enhance productivity and dimensional stability

Adding our solutions to polyethylene raises the crystallization temperature and the rate of crystallization. Cooling and cycle times are reduced as a result, boosting the productivity of your processes. Key dimensions are also maintained, helping to improve overall quality.

Optimize barrier properties

Adding our solutions to polyethylene creates a tortuous path via crystallization, reducing the transmission rate of substances (e.g. H2O, O2, CO2, grease, VOCs and solvents) by 20% -60%. This means that you can improve shelf life or downgauge to reduce weight without compromising barrier performance.

Achieve stable dimensions in any color

Pigments nucleate polyethylene to different degrees, which makes it difficult to mold parts with identical dimensions. Our solutions override the nucleation effect of pigments. They allow converters to produce a variety of colored parts with identical dimensions using the same mold and production conditions. This makes production faster and easier, while also allowing greater design flexibility.

Speed up production while enhancing quality

High-density polyethylene (HDPE) is prone to warpage, which creates manufacturing challenges and compromises part quality. With the addition of our solutions, shrinkage is balanced, resulting in stable dimensions in the end-product. Production is faster and trouble-free, there is less waste, and the quality of the part is improved.

Improve stiffness

We offer solutions that can enhance the stiffness of PE. This offers the potential to create stronger, thinner products with better resistance to high temperatures.