Silicone Resins MQH-9 MQ Hydride Resin, Neat

SiVance MQH-9 MQ Hydride Resin, Neat is a hydride functional (SiH) copolymer of dimethylhydrosiloxy and silicate groups.

MQH-9 is typically used to modify addition cured silicone systems, such as the platinum catalyzed crosslinking of vinyl-terminated silicones with SiH-functional silicones. The resin provides strength, and toughness and tear resistance, while maintaining an optically clear elastomer.

The resin’s SiH functionality provides a ready means to react the resin into paper coatings to provide modified adhesion or a controlled release.

MQH-9 is readily modified to make a host of new, custom resins. Any of the standard hydrosilation reactions may be performed with unsaturated organic chemicals to attach epoxy groups, methacrylate groups, polyethylene glycols, etc.