Stable color and enhanced performance in home and fabric care products

As well as offering easy processing and deep, bright colors, Liquitint colorants are highly stable and non-staining. They are ideal for use in liquid laundry detergents, fabric softeners, powder laundry detergents, liquid dish detergents, hard surface cleaners, automatic dishwasher detergents, laundry bars and many other home care products. These products can be used in very low to very high pH applications. Many home care products are becoming much more concentrated, with higher content of active ingredients and less water. These formulations are a lot more aggressive towards colorants. Liquitint maintains color stability with high concentrations of even the most challenging ingredients, including higher perfume levels. Liquitint is also ideal for unit dose products, offering a wide color range from only three to five primary colorants which are highly stable in concentrated formulations with low water content.

Helping to protect the environment

There is a rising demand for more environmentally-friendly options, including phosphate-free products and laundry detergents that are effective at low temperatures. Liquitint colorants offer stability in these complex formulations, thus promoting their use and helping to make home and fabric care more sustainable.

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