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KeyPlast RESIST™: A spectrum of bright, high performance colorants for plastics

Polyamide resins, also known as Nylon, are polymers often chosen for their ability to withstand elevated or extremely low service temperatures without loss of physical properties. They are used in demanding applications like power tools, automotive parts, gears, and appliance parts. The combination of high processing temperatures and amines present in Nylon polymers make most traditional dyes unsuitable for use. 

Milliken offers the following selection of colorants that are known to be stable in most compounds of Nylon 6, Nylon 6,6, glass-filled compounds as well as other Polyamide resins. Due to the complex chemistry of Nylon including the addition of some heat stabilizers, which have been known to react with colorants, it is strongly recommended colorants be tested thoroughly for suitability in the resin and for the end application.