Hyperform® HPN for polypropylene (PP)

Hyperform HPN performance additives provide an excellent balance of physical properties especially stiffness/impact balance. These innovative performance additives help to create stronger, lighter parts by improving stiffness while retaining the same impact behavior as a non-nucleated resin. Their unique isotropic shrinkage behavior enables the development of dimensionally stable, non-warping, tailor-made PP solutions in any color, even for demanding applications and environments. Hyperform HPN enables producers and converters to maximize PP performance for improved end-product quality and faster, trouble-free production. Hyperform HPN also offers a convenient way to boost production speed. Converters report a 10-15% reduction in cycle times when replacing resins nucleated with a conventional nucleating agent. By offering easy dispersion, this additive answers the growing demand for improved performance of high Melt Flow Rate (MFR) reactor grade homo and impact copolymers for packaging applications. Hyperform HPN performance additives require low loading and have no reported health and safety issues.

Hyperform HPN-68L for injection molding, thin wall injection molding, thermoforming and extrusion-compression molding

Add Hyperform HPN-68L to your polypropylene resin to achieve the highest quality parts at the fastest possible production rates. Its extremely high polymer crystallization speed and higher peak crystallization temperatures allow shorter cooling times. It also improves part quality significantly by eliminating issues such as warpage, sink marks, ejection pin marks, voids and deformations during mold release. Hyperform HPN-68L is typically used in automotive parts, appliances, caps and closures, garden furniture, houseware, pipes and returnable packaging.

Hyperform HPN-20E for injection molding, thin wall injection molding and extrusion-compression molding

Hyperform HPN-20E gives PP unique physical properties that balance bi-directional stiffness and impact resistance, while allowing for highly tuned resin systems that meet high shrinkage and thermal performance tolerances. It is ideal for demanding automotive exterior parts, such as zero gap bumpers. Other applications include appliances, bottles, caps and closures, food packaging and film, houseware, garden furniture and pipes.

Hyperform HPN-600ei for thermoformed parts

Hyperform HPN-600ei enhances the appearance of parts and sheets with higher gloss and reduced haze. It also offers an ideal balance of mechanical and physical properties, with excellent top load compression and improved impact resistance. Typically used in drink cups and lids, its high crystallization rates result in faster cycle times without compromising ovality and part quality.

Hyperform HPN-715 for injection molding

Added to impact copolymer polypropylene (ICP), homopolymer polypropylene (hPP) and high crystalline polypropylene (HCPP) resins, Hyperform HPN-715 allows for downgauging and material savings via best in class physical & thermal properties. Its fast nucleation performance increases the efficiency of production processes. Hyperform HPN-715 enhances the physical and thermal properties of PP, making it a viable substitute for PS or PET. Offering improved stiffness/impact balance and excellent heat resistance, it is widely used in rigid automotive applications, household appliances, and industrial packaging.

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