Hyperform® HPN for polyethylene (PE)

Hyperform HPN products are tailored to offer important productivity benefits for PE producers and converters while also improving the quality of end parts. They provide opportunities to increase the efficiency of your processes and solve a range of issues such as shrinkage, warpage and barrier performance.

Hyperform HPN for polyethylene offers barrier improvements in flexible and rigid applications and improved shrinkage control.

Used in blown film nucleation (both high density polyethylene (HDPE) and linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE)), it provides improved barrier properties and enables downgauging: a key driver in the quest for more sustainable packaging.

In a Blown Film Application, a lower frost line height and potential cycle time reductions have been observed, leading to better productivity. In blow molded applications, it provides better neck dimensional stability, ovality ratios closer to the ideal, and barrier improvements that allow downgauging in bottles for personal care, nutraceuticals, household and industrial cleaners (HIC) and fuel products. In injection molding, Hyperform HPN for polyethylene offers cost-efficient dimensional control that is independent of color choice and is particularly useful in HDPE caps and closures. It replaces the need for specialty color masterbatches, process modifications and dedicated molds. Processes are more simple, productive and cost-efficient, while product quality is enhanced.

Hyperform for HDPE and LLDPE injection molding

Hyperform HPN for polyethylene was designed exclusively for injection molding in HDPE and LLDPE applications.

This novel performance additive delivers considerable improvements in stiffness, reduced warpage, much higher heat deflection temperature (HDT), faster cooling cycles and higher throughputs. It also opens up opportunities for downgauging and PP replacement. It is typically used in returnable packing.

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