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Injection Molding

Hyperform® HPN® 715

Milliken Chemical’s newest performance additive, Hyperform® HPN® 715, can be formulated both in polypropylene (PP) homopolymers and impact copolymers to yield the highest stiffness possible in the resin while retaining good impact resistance. It also features superior thermal stability through its improved heat-deflection temperature.

While its faster nucleation enables injection molders to boost their productivity, Hyperform HPN 715-modified PP allows downgauging and reduces filler requirements, thereby improving design freedom, reducing weight, and cutting material costs. PP modified with this additive is suitable for processing via injection molding.

Typical uses are broad and varied, thanks in part to the higher heat deflection temperatures (HDT) imparted to polypropylene by Hyperform HPN 715. They include automotive compounds and components, as well as household appliance parts, industrial packaging, garden furniture, buckets, and microwaveable containers.